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Our EDGAR data contain mirror copies of official SEC filings, and we maintain multiple channels to the SEC to ensure we receive documents with minimum latency. Our EDGAR feeds can be formatted to fit any client workflow and allow you the choice of all documents or filtered documents based on certain criteria.

Key Features

Our EDGAR data feeds are low-latency, and can be delivered in real via TCP/IP, intra-day via SFTP, or at end-of-day in flat file format. 

Because our EDGAR feeds are a mirror of the SEC's feed, choose the filings that best fits your firm's research without the need to maintain a separate SEC feed.

Receive exactly the data you need by filtering based on document types of interest, industry groups, market cap, and more.

Explore Our EDGAR Feeds:

Full EDGAR Feed – We make all EDGAR documents available in a SFTP Folder on our servers, and a client pulls the documents they are interested in. This product is useful for those who want to review EDGAR documents without setting up their own feed from the SEC.

EDGAR Feed Distribution Server – FDS allows a customer to configure a list of specific EDGAR submission types they wish to receive, and to be pushed those filings in real-time. This feed is extremely flexible, and allows for the client to update their desired submission list at any point. End of day summary data is also released each day.

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