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The right knowledge can make or break an investment opportunity. And because analyzing corporate governance is an integral part of investment research, it’s critical to ensure that corporate ownership data is as accurate as possible.

The Washington Service has been working with SEC beneficial ownership filings for over forty years, bringing you the best insider trading data on the market. We rely on human experts to process the data rigorously, efficiently, and thoroughly (see Our Process). Our highly-trained staff analyzes each form for potential errors, and makes corrections that capture the most accurate information for our clients. 

Gain access to our premier Insider Trading database with convenient, easy-to-use web applications or data feeds with customized delivery methods to best fit your needs.

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With more than 50 years of experience in the field, and trusted for our accurate and timely reporting, The Washington Service has become an essential source for insider trading news and analysis by major business newswires: Bloomberg, Dow Jones, and Refinitiv.

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