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EZ-Insider is the premier internet service for displaying, searching, and filtering insider trading data compiled from Form 3/4/5 and Form 144. This easy-to-use portal provides color-coded lists of trades with transaction details that can be found on the Company, Individual, Date, and Industry Activity pages. To allow for in-depth analysis, the list includes our proprietary Insider Rating metric, option exercise details (where applicable), and links to the filings themselves for access to the footnotes and details on the form.

Powerful transaction display and filter options sort transactions down to the most relevant data, and allow the user to customize the return period shown. The detailed transaction list can be exported to Excel with one click.

The site includes daily news articles written by The Washington Service research team highlighting significant insider purchases, sales, and proposed sales (Form 144). These articles highlight sizeable trades, interesting behavior changes, prominent traders, etc. 

Key Features:

Get a comprehensive view of insider trading at the company and individual levels, and discover patterns of insider activity including sentiment changes and clustered trading. 

With EZ-Insider's advanced reporting capabilities, search on the parameters that matter most to your research. Filter on specific companies and industries of interest, transaction size, market cap minimums and maximums, and more. Set reporting frequency to get the report emailed to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly. EZ-Insider also supports real-time notifications, alerting you to insider trading activity within seconds of a filing's dissemination by the SEC.

EZ-Insider is accessible from any web browser, and is user-friendly with little to no learning curve. Jump in quickly with intuitive navigation and clear table structures.

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EZ-Insider Reports

Premium Add-Ons:

The Washington Service has built an industry-leading Rule 10b5-1 plan database and leveraged that data to display 10b5-1 plan information on EZ-Insider. In addition to flagging trades that are pursuant to a pre-arranged 10b5-1 plan, subscribers with this add-on feature will also have access to a range of tools to analyze 10b5-1 activity.

EZ-Insider allows users to synchronize watchlists so that everyone in your organization will get updated when one or more watchlists are changed. 

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