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Our EZ-CorpDox service is a streamlined and powerful search engine for all SEC EDGAR filings, with report functionality that includes advanced filtering and email notification options. 

Company Search (MSFT)
Keyword Search

Key Features

Our powerful keyword search engine leverages our advanced indexing capabilities to provide dynamic, full-text searches across our databases.

This highly versatile tool allows you to tailor searches for your specific needs and add them to your Saved Searches collection for later use. You can use advanced query syntax functions to filter for only the keyword results that you are looking for. Additionally, you can filter by date range, document group, Industry group, watchlist, and market cap.

EZ-CorpDox has built-in document groups that include filings of similar types. You can also create custom document groups to include filing types that interest you. These document groups are available to use as filters for reports and searches.

Issuers are also organized by industry, using our proprietary industry classification system. Combine industries to create your own custom industry groups and use these custom groups throughout the site as filters for searches and reports.

Advanced reports allow you to be notified when a document is filed that meets your criteria. This function employs our powerful filters to help you find relevant filings, filtered by Document Group, Filer Universe and Keyword. You can receive email notifications in real-time, or you can have an emailed summary report delivered either daily, weekly, or monthly.

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