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Our Process

The Washington Service specializes in ensuring the accuracy of data, submitting every trade to scrutiny by data integrity specialists and proprietary verification algorithms. Our accurate and extensively checked data extends back to 1988, giving us an unparalleled depth of insider information.

  • Double-reading forms: Two different data integrity specialists read and interpret every Form 4 disseminated by the SEC. If the two sets of extracted data do not match exactly, the form is then re-read and re-interpreted by a third higher-level data integrity specialist. We repeat this until two independently extracted sets of data match exactly.
  • Correcting filer errors: We correct filer errors in over 20% of Form 4s. Our data staff consult other SEC filings and market data sources as needed, and often contact the filer directly.
  • Most extensively vetted data: We create real-time news stories for the Refinitiv, Dow Jones, and Bloomberg news services. We rarely receive reports of issues with our news stories, but when an issue does arise, we resolve it prior to generating client data.
  • Eliminating duplicate reports: Frequently, different filers report the same trade on multiple Form 4s. Throughout the day, we identify, review, and eliminate duplicate trades.
  • Large trade reviews: We have another level of review for all trades valued over $1 million and all purchases valued over $100,000.
  • Capturing trades in footnotes and Table II: Our systems identify trades that incorrectly appear in Form 4 footnotes and in Table II (the derivative security transactions table). These trades are reviewed by our data integrity specialists.

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